LibraryThing for Music?
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I've fallen in love with LibraryThing...but I wonder if there is a MusicThing?

I know about - which already tracks my scrobbles excellently, but I would like somewhere to catalogue my 'real' music collection - something along the lines of Librarything (with cover displays, tagging etc) would be fantastic!
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I don't know if this really help but someone turned me on to this thing which is more of a playlist thing. But it's useful to me sometimes.
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Delicious Library does what you want locally (on your own machine) for Macs.
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I love LibraryThing and I use to list my CDs and DVDs. It's got that social networking aspect, plus cover pics, but no tagging.
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Best answer: I was recently cleaning up the relevant Wikipedia article: social cataloging applications. According to the current revision, Discogs and Rate Your Music might be what you're looking for.
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I'm in a literal mood.
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Might not be as powerful, organizationally speaking, as you're looking for, but lala can keep tabs on your entire collection. It also allows you to trade albums with other members at any time.
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