Hear My Prayer
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Help me find the name of this song!

About 4 years ago, while listening to my local college alternative radio station, I heard a song that I have googled for and lyric-searched for to no avail. It had lyrics like "buzzing bees" and the chorus was something like "Hear my prayer..." (x3) ..."everybody hear my prayer". Something like (paraphrasing) "I want to lay among the trees and listen to the bees..." etc. Man, I hope you guys can help! Sorry, that's all I remember. (Yay, I finally get to ask my first qestion!)
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"Honey to the bee"?
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What kind of music was it? When I hear "college radio," "four years ago," "buzzing bees," "prayer" I focus in on Devendra Banhart, but who knows if that's it.
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Response by poster: Definitely not Play, but the lyrics were SO close--and not Banhart.
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It's not - Flowers & Trees by Yoshi, is it? There's not much that turns up when googling those words for lyrics, so I'm sure you've seen Yoshi at some point in your search.
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It kind of sounds like "Bumble Bees" by The Murmurs off their self-titled cd. I'm sure there's a clip of the song on Amazon or something. Here's a bit of the lyrics -

Straight ahead before you I see
And they're flying my way
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Response by poster: Not Yoshi, not The Murmurs. I would hear that freakin' buzzing bees song every-other night while driving home from work. I wish I would have called the station...It was a male singing, I thought for sure he said "hear my prayer" three times and then "everybody hear my prayer". From what I remember, there was alot of-- if not only-- percussion between verses. Thanks all.
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It's not Queen Bee by Taj Mahal, is it? The lyrics don't match. I'm just taking a shot.
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Response by poster: I LOVE Taj Mahal, but it's not Taj...
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Best answer: I keep seeing references to a "Honey to the Bee" by Punk5, featuring Play (separate from Play's own version, as well as Billie Piper's), yet can't find out more about Punk5 other than a lot of other lyrics listings. I seem to remember something about that name a few years ago (possibly one of those producer put together units, not a real band), but the Internets have failed me.
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Animal Collective "Bees"?

not 4 years old, though...
More info might help, too-- male or female singer? Tempo?
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Response by poster: Punk5/Play is as close as it gets. I've tried to find a sample on Amazon and CD Universe, but yeah, googling only gives me lyric listings. I might have to break down and call the radio station. (I just know they're gonna go, "uh....what?) Thanks, y'all...
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