MA Driving History in CA?
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MA Driving History for CA auto insurance?

I'm preparing a move to the west coast. When I get a new auto insurance policy in CA, will my Massachusetts driving history be available to my insurer?
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I'm not sure, but I know that... most states allow you to request a copy of your driver's history abstract. It's usually easiest to do in person, though generally you can mail in the request after you move. You might want to get a copy of it. (Also handy if you lose/get your license stolen.)
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When an insurer verifies quoted coverage they run an MVR (motor vehicle report). This is a national database and will show records of any violations or accidents you have had. Most companies will only look at the last 39 months.
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IAAFIA. Yes, when you get quoted, they will see your previous licenses (and ask you for them as well, so be truthful - I've spoken with many an embarrassed person who said no previous licenses only to pull one up with the six DUIs they didn't tell me about) and pull the report.

This is usually done within minutes, while you are on the phone or the day of buying your policy, and it includes both MVR (motor vehicle reports) and CLUE (accidents and claims and the like). Usually they look at the previous five years, but only penalize you for the last three years. Sometimes it lists items older than that, but they are considered "dropped". You do not have to request a copy of these documents to give to your new insurer, but if you want to know what is on it you might want to request one from the DMV.
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Yes, your MA record will be available. Mine was, and I got a point for a moving violation I had in MA.

BTW, I highly recommend Mercury Insurance in CA. I had Geico, and my coverage was around $1200/6 months. Then I got in an accident where I was at fault, and they just dropped me straight up, no argument. I switched to Mercury, and even with the _addition_ of an at-fault accident on my record, the same coverages for the same car were only $850/6 months.
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Yes. My Vermont record transfered to CA.
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