This webcomic meant a lot to me when I read it, now I've lost it...
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Tracking down a specific webcomic: Starts with the protagonist hiding from his landlord, then details his past ambitions towards working in the tech-industry--eventually culminating in a trip to a futurism convention that sours him on the whole thing. He finds a typewriter at a garage sale and resolves to live a simple, working-class life and write a lot... sound familiar? Thanks.
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Best answer: the guy I almost was
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Response by poster: ...that's the one. And it's as moving and revelatory and confessional and well-done as I remember. Thanks much.
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Response by poster: Additionally, If anyone knows where to get this in PDF format, I'd shower them with praise and affection...
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As an alternative to a pdf, you could use wget to suck down the images and then display them in your image broswer of choice. Something like gqview, picasa, or whatever.

Something like: wget -r -l2 -A gif,jpg

There's probably even a program out there that will convert a directory of image to a pdf.
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Awesome webcomic, thanks
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