Automatic still image capture of a video file on Windows XP SP2
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Automatic still image capture of a video file on Windows XP SP2.

What software tool would I need to automatically generate a sequence of still images from a video file that are spaced something like 5 minutes apart?

My two video formats are MPEG2 (w/ .MPG extension) and WMV. My camcorder generates MPEG2 files on its HDD but I'm going to be running this through a WMV encoder so that I can have compressed files ready to put up on the web.

If I could open the video file with a program, select from 01:00:00 to 02:00:25 and generate a still image in JPEG or some format at 5 minute intervals then that would be just perfect. (Those parameters could change...for instance I may want every 10 minutes or something...)

Last video question I posted here had some really good answers that really helped me. Lets see if we can make it 2 for 2 :). Thanks for your time.
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Best answer: I think this is the software that lots of *uhm* questionable sites use to post automated screencaps of *uhm* some movies.


There's also a VLC plugin, but I don't know much about that.
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Best answer: Virtualdub, Video, Frame Rate Conversion, Decimate by 150, Save Image Sequence.

OR, use Mplayer, with the following command line:

mplayer -vo jpeg -ao null -fps 0.003 foo.mpg
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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