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Lake Tahoe Living: Possibly moving to north-shore of Lake Tahoe. What are the cheapest options available for apartment living up there?

I've got a job prospect in the works in Lake Tahoe area (Incline Village, NV specifically). Currently, I live in Reno, NV but I would move up there to live closer to the workplace. I would prefer to rent an apartment or rent a house because I am not currently in a position to buy a house at the moment. Are there any good cheap options for apartment living on the Nevada side of the lake? I'd rather not have to live in Truckee because I don't want to mess with new driver's license, etc, etc. Any ideas?
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I assume you've tried Craigslist - Reno/Tahoe?
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Response by poster: Yeah, I have...

Just seeing what other options are out there..Incline Village seems to be devoid of rental property now that I've searched around a bit more so I'll have to do a bit more sleuthing work, I think.
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