Best way to make an impression when sending a resume?
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Best way to submit resume and samples?

I am getting ready to apply for a ton of jobs I found on sites like and I read through tons of questions on MeFi about writing cover letters, which helped a ton. Now I am going to implore you to help me with some more steps in my job search process.

Some of these jobs are going to require me to submit samples of some of my work. In a situation such as this, what is generally the best way to submit these? Should I send a single .pdf containing the cover letter, resume, and samples? In addition, when there is a request for samples, how many images would you send? I understand that they will look at my full portfolio later, but how many things should I send them so they can get an idea?

I want the more organized way to do this, but also the simplest way for the personal receiving the resume. I want to make the best impression possible.
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Send individual PDF's for each file, that way you can tailor the letter and resume for each job but use the same samples and mix and match as needed.
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PDFs also set in stone any creative formatting you might use, so your stuff doesn't look weird when opened.
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Need more information - what kind of samples? For instance, certain kinds of art should be on a CD or even a website, but fine art samples are most impressive when they arrive in a well put together portfolio.

Sound and music are best on a website lightly integrated with a resume enticing the recruiter to hear more.

Code samples can be submitted in written form, but shouldn't be too long. But depending on the type of job, you may want to deliver something you can compile.

Writing samples can be PDF or word.

So if you supply a bit more info, we can get you a bit better answer.
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Response by poster: The samples will be design work. It is already digital work, so sending it in a PDF shouldn't be a problem presentation wise.

However, I'm not sure how many samples I should send.

I'm just not sure if I should submit everything in a multi-page PDF, or if I should submit each thing separately.
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However, I'm not sure how many samples I should send.

3. Exactly 3. Pick wisely.

Send them as PDF, one item per file.
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