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I need to reorder more paper checks because I'm almost out, and my bank charges a fortune for this service. Are there any reputable companies that can print new checks for a reasonable price? Bonus points for something I can order online.

I need to reorder more paper checks because I'm almost out, and my bank charges a fortune for this service. Are there any reputable companies that can print new checks for a reasonable price? I just need standard, everyday, ordinary checks - no special designs, no funky colors, nothing special.

I don't want to just Google something and plug in my account information . . . that is asking for trouble! I don't have a huge problem with just sucking it up and paying the bank if that is the best way, but I would imagine that there has to be a good stationary company somewhere that fills this niche and provides this service for a reasonable fee. It would be even better if I could order online and have the checks shipped to me.

Do any MeFites out there have past experience with these types of companies?
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My advice would be to switch to a bank or credit union that will give you free checks. Not all of them charge a fortune, or anything. How much is a "fortune" anyway? It would be really useful to be able to answer your question.
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Several years ago, I had ordered checks from The Check Gallery, which seemed to do a fine job and be reasonable in price.

It was annoying, though, to receive their reminders that I "must be running out of checks" on a semi-regular basis. I had thought I had opted out.
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No problems with Checks Unlimited.
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I've purchased through Image Checks. And Checks in the Mail (above). No problems with either.
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I have ordered from Wal-Mart Checks, which I believe is the same thing as Checks in the Mail (which somebody else already mentioned). I don't know if the prices differ depending on who you order from.
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I second the "switch" opinion too, (at least for a long term solution) Credit unions are usually superior to banks, although there are exceptions .
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Best answer: Whoever you choose, don't forget to Google for coupon codes. Check Gallery, for example, has a code GWF172 that appears to be good to get your second box of checks for 49 cents. After I filed a change of address with the post office recently, Checks Unlimited sent me a promo code for two boxes for $11, which works out to be about the same price (I don't have the code handy but can post it later if you like).

If you're like me and don't need very many (it takes me more than a year to go through a book of checks), you might like VistaPrint's "free" check offer, which gives you 25 checks for the cost of shipping and handling (under $5 IIRC). It's not a good deal by volume but it may be a better deal than buying a lot of checks you won't use.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the feedback so far. I love everything else about my bank and I have a long and positive history with them, so I don't have any desire to switch. I just want something better than the $32 per 100 checks that they charge . . .
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Response by poster: The VistaPrint free offer is awesome, kindall! I maybe write 5 checks a year since I do everything online, so the 25 they send works perfectly. I just want to have a few extras before I run out - I want to be prepared for those few scenarios where I actually will need a paper check.
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FWIW, Carousel Checks seems to be about the cheapest if you just need plain checks (e.g. safety or parchment checks): $3.89 a box and $2.50 shipping. If you want something fancier, CheckWorks may be a slightly better deal on some designs: $8 a box with free shipping. I haven't used either of these but I wouldn't hesitate (in fact I will probably order from one or the other myself soon). I was considering VistaPrint's "free" deal myself, but for a couple bucks more it probably makes sense to get a whole box.
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Second Checks in the mail. Easy online ordering.
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I got my last round of checks from Wal-mart Checks. I got one box of dupes with slow shipping for less than $10.

Sam's club has checks for cheaper per box. Their lowest quantity is 2 boxes/order. I only needed one though.

I know a lot of people avoid the Walton empire. CostCo's pricing is comparable to Sam's.

My bank offers free online bill pay, so I use my checkbook very rarely. I'm more likely to cut a check through bill pay--even for businesses the bank can't do electronic transactions with.
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I do the same thing as nita. The online bill pay through my bank will allow me to cut a check to anyone with a vaild mailing address. Though it is pretty handy to have a set of the paper checks.
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I've used Checks in the Mail since forever, and I love them. Never had an issue, always quality work. Do make sure your bank info and routing number is correct. Don't use the info on your deposit slips! Use the exact info from a check.
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It doesn't matter where you get them. It takes me forever to go through checks so I just go to some random website every five years or so and pick something I like.
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I've been ordering from Artistic Checks for years with no problems.
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Checks in the Mail.
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