Banks with online check deposit?
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Any banks with an online check deposit service similar to USAA's Deposit@Home?

I'm looking for a bank that provides remote check deposit service (*for personal use from a PC*) similar to USAA's Deposit@Home. I would just go with USAA, but I don't meet their membership requirements.
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This is the sort of question I might be able to help with, and I have the time to do so, but there's not enough information for me to help, and I don't feel like Googling. What is "remote check deposit service"? What does USAA's Direct@Home do?
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jdroth - USAA lets you scan a check and then upload the scan through their website and essentially make an electronic deposit from a paper check.

I don't know any other bank that does that.
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A small number of business banks have this service. I don't know of any that offer it for personal use.
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Remote deposit for the trying to figure out what it is.
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Remote deposit capture (RDC) is a service mostly sold to the business/corporate markets. There is typically a monthly service charge, a per-item fee, and a scanner purchase. I'm fairly certain that USAA is the first to offer it "at home", and I believe they ask you to open a line of credit for a certain amount as a "guarantee" in case you're up to some kind of funny business. Many many banks are in the initial stages of developing a consumer (as opposed to business) version of the product, but USAA jumped in early since they lack a branch network.

We're about to launch the product for business/corporate at our bank, and everyone says "ha ha - when will I be able to just scan in my money?" Answer - soon.
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My bank (LaSalle) does it, but it's only for business accounts. I assume this is a personal account you're talking about.

Which begs the question, just how many checks do you have to cash if it's not for a business?
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