Windows Vista full versions, can you upgrade with them?
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I want to upgrade to Windows Vista, although I've got a few important questions I can't seem to find answers to...

I've decided that the version of Windows Vista I'd like to upgrade to is the Ultimate episode. It's got the few features I really wanted, such as Media Center and Remote Desktop (which was big for me).

Now I'm trying to figure out if I should get the upgrade or full version of the OS. I know you can perform a clean install with the upgrade edition through a work-around that's been discovered in the installation process. I believe this has to do with installing the OS by upgrading unactivated then later upgrading and activating within Vista for a clean full install, bypassing the need for your XP CDs.

However my big question is this:

If I buy a *full* version of Home Premium, Business or Ultimate (not the upgrades) can you perform an upgrade from XP or do these full versions ONLY support a clean-install?

I know I should do a clean install but at this point I really don't have the time to back everything up and catalog the software and settings I've got so an upgrade would be ideal. I would gladly buy a full version of the OS if it means I can both upgrade from XP now, and use it to fresh install in the future. Do the full versions allow you to do both of these installation options or is upgrade exclusive to upgrading only?
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A full version will also upgrade as well as clean install.
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I believe you can upgrade, just as you always have, but I did a clean install so can't say for sure. An important "feature" to note with the upgrade version of Vista is it will "upgrade" your old XP/2k Key and render it "upgraded" as a vista key. That's right, you'll only be able to use Vista, just something to keep in mind.
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It might be easier to simply go to a local computer shop and buy a new harddrive and an OEM version of Vista Ultimate. The OEM versions are much less expensive than the retail boxes because they legally can only installed onto one machine (cannot be transfered later on) there may be other differences but thats how it was explained to me.

Install the new harddrive as the master then once Vista is finished just put the original drive in as your secondary and copy over whatever you needed.
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