What do I do with my lovely photographs?
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I just got my first batch of printed photos ever back from snapfish. I love them. Now what do I do with them?

In the past, before the digital age, I remember my parents having albums and albums of pictures and pictures that no one would ever see unless they decided to go through them. Now in the age of the internet, I enjoy seeing photos easily everyday if I wanted to and have the option to print only the best photos. Aside from just framing them and putting the frames on a table (or on a wall), is there anything else I can do?

Note: I am also trying to improve my photography skills so they're not just regular family vacation photos. Any advice?
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Pick the ones you like the most, make them into postcards and send to people you like.
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Take up scrapbooking?
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I've covered half of one of my walls in photos, my girlfriend has covered half of the opposing wall. We both have distinct photographic styles so it looks pretty cool.
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I like moonshine's postcard idea.

I bought a 6x4 photo frame for my desk at work and have an unknown number of snaps from which I select one at random each day/week/whenever I remember.

As for improving your photography skills, the best advice I can offer is practice, practice, practice ... and experiment, experiment, experiment. Carry a compact camera with you at all times and try to take at least one photo every day.

Try odd things - that's the beauty of digital. I personally enjoying trying to take photos that shouldn't really be possible (because it's far too dark, for example) or strange angles. Not many work out, I'll admit, but when they do it's a great feeling.

Finally, I'd also suggest starting a photoblog if you've got some webspace you can use (I use PixelPost for mine).

Most of all, though, just enjoy yourself.
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Best answer: Check out photojojo for ideas. I like the photocube and tin can frame ideas.
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There are large Plexiglas clip frames that are made for posters primarily, but that work really well for photo collages too. I buy colored poster board for the background, then arrange photos in various ways on the background.

We actually do this at work, creating a photo record of each conference we run. It's great fun to do, and they are awesome conversation starters about our work when we have visitors to the office. They look good, too.
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Just to fill in your historical context for printed photographs, traditionally what we old people did with them was put them in a drawer and forget about them :)

However, the postcard idea is cute, too.
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