Where is there an indie dance party in DC?
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Where in Washington, D.C. can I find a regular dance party with DJs spinning in the same style as Certified Bananas, Flosstradamus, and BangGang?

I'm looking for a place, preferably weekly, where I can go and get my indie/hipster dance on. Straight/gay, I don't care. Bonus points for under 21 (or at least lax on what kind of IDs they'll accept) and metro accessible.
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No clue, but Flosstradamus is awesome (thanks for the intro). Reminds me of a group called Muscles from Austrailia.

It's going to be hit or miss, and I'd be suprised if you found a club that consistently played this stuff. Check the black cat out though... they book a lot of indie artists and have frequent DJ sets.
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Best answer: the Wonderland Ballroom

Room Service @ Rock n Roll Hotel (club music! there are some indie dance parties there too)

and yeah, the Black Cat (Bliss)

Infamy DC - I don't know when is the next one though

Selam on U Street has some dance nights

and check the listings at Brightest Young Things
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in addition to the already suggested black cat and wonderland, i would recommend checking out liberation dance party at dc9. sounds about what youre looking for.
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Black Cat has indie dance parties at least once per month.
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