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I run a personal MediaWiki that I organize a lot of academic, business, and project related notes in. I also keep a journal, and all entries are in one category. The entries take the (automatic) form of "June 4 2007". So far so good, except when I look at the journal category page, I get an alphabetized listing, which is essentially useless. Finding a particular date isn't hard, but I'd like to see them all (or, you know, paginated to 60 or so) listed in reverse chronological order. How can I do this?
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Use Category Sort Keys.
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Use sortkeys, as Richard points out or change your automatic naming to something more useful like 2007-06-04, which will sort in the way you want.

I personally find sortkeys annoying because the page names still show up the same, so even though it's all sorted correct my mind tries to re-sort them based on the displayed page names.
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