Can you identify this table?
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So I just bought this table. The seller says the designer is possibly Kurt Østervig. I'm looking for more definitive info (designer/year/model name/whatever) and am wondering if any MeFites can help. Know anything about it? Thanks!
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I thought I saw that at Limn four years ago, but I didn't keep the catalog. This looks like it could be a antecedent to the design. See also. I've always thought convertible tables were cool toys, but I've yet to find them actually useful. Maybe for wargaming.
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Thanks for your answer, BC.
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I somehow missed this link which identifies the table as having been manufactured in Denmark in the 1960s. Looking at Kurt Østervig's other designs I'm not sure he made this table. Excepting his circular pedestal table he seemed to favor square shaped vertical legs. Not that I'm a design guru.
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I don't know, but it sounds like a perfect question for Apartment Therapy.
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Thank callmejay. I thought about sending in the Q to AT but rarely do their questions seem to find answers. They almost always just get lots of "I don't know, but it's nice!" The exceptions are when they're obvious pieces.

But yeah, I'll give it a shot anyway.

BC, thanks for your links.
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