Celebrating One Year
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Help us plan our one year anniversary celebration/dinner.

My husband and I are celebrating one year of marriage in September. We are very happy and excited. When we got married went to the Justice of the peace with no family or friends. We didn’t elope, our family knew, but told friends later. We had originally planned to renew our vows so our family and friends could help celebrate. We are having a ceremony and a dinner. It’s going to be small, with about 100 people or less inside of a recreation building. We are trying to keep things to a small budget. The main thing is we want to celebrate the first wonderful year of our lives together with family and friends. How can we make this special for everyone and where it’s not really like a wedding? There will be no exchanging of rings, because we already have them. Unity candle is kind of silly because we are already united as a family. I will be wearing a wedding dress and him a tux- I definitely want to exchange some kind of vows. So do you have any wonderful ideas for our celebration? Also its going to be in September, so I don’t have long to plan! Thanks for any help.
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Well, there's always Thriller :)
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