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Where can I find a pilot's watch (with a whiz wheel) sized for a small woman's wrist?

I'd love to find a pilot's or aviator's watch that *has* a whiz wheel (flight computer) but is small enough to not make me look like a reject from the 80's. New, vintage, or antique, my only requirement is that it works and is
appropriate for a small woman's wrist.

I asked google answers this question in 2005, with disappointing results (pretty much everyone said, "give it up- it will be too small!") but perhaps the hive mind can help?
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There are quite a few unisex watches here.
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BTW... here is a Google search I used and I see a lot of sites are mentioning the Torgoen Zulu Time ladies Pilot Watches.
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how big is too big (in mm) and what is your price range?

ebay has a fantastic selection of watches and a great search engine for them, i always enjoy buying watches there...

it's got to be tough to get a flight computer into a small watch, the display is already pretty tightly packed into the larger men's'll be tough to find, but not impossible!

the Aeromatic 1912 - Navi-Pilot-Fligth Computer Chronograph
has a 26.5 mm dial and 43 mm case, not bad for a flight computer, i'm wearing a watch that's that size now.
still, pretty big overall, finding one much smaller will be tough

here's a 40mm case, that's about as small as i've found so far.
For $288 you can get this one with a case diameter of 42mm, still too big probably

So, it looks like it'll be tough to get a case diameter down below 40mm for a watch w/flight computer!

it might be a matter of case design, so that it looks smaller than it is

try on a few, perhaps
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Response by poster: Salvatorparadise,

Really, at this point I'd go for nearly anything that didn't engulf my wrist. I expect to get a good watch I'll pay at least $200 and can afford up to $350 or $400.

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