Need help with a short trip to Norway (or other places in the area)
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Need some suggestions for a very short trip to Norway.

I will be in Finland (work) next couple of weeks and I may be able to take one Fri-Sun period off during that. I have not had time to do much research since this whole trip kind of came together quickly. I was thinking of flying into Oslo on Thurs night and try to make the most of Fri/Sat/Sun. I will probably fly back to Finland on Sun evening or Mon early morning.

I would really like to see some of the Fjords. What are my chances and options of doing that in such a short time? I was looking at website at one of their tours called Royal Fjord tour. I think that can be done in a 24 hr period, but I can't seem to reach them using the phone number they have listed and strangely enough they dont have an email address to write to.

So any suggestions (including self help options) ?

My next choice is Stockholm if I can't make it to the fjords. I am open to any suggestion for short 2-3 day trip to any other nearby locations.

Many thanks.
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You would be better off flying to Bergen instead of Oslo, which should be a better base for seeing the fjords.

There are daily excursions from Bergen to the closeby fjords, at 3 hours or a full day. Bergen is also a great stop that isn't as touristy as Oslo but still great. Don't miss the fish market! Looks like Finnair flies directly to Bergen from Helsinki.

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second flying into bergen, then jump aboard a hurtigruten ferry and spend a couple days in a deckchair marvelling at the stunning scenery. I hear it gets better the further north you go but you probably will have to get off fairly soon.
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Response by poster: finnair website does not show any flights to bergen. should check other airlines i guess.
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Take the Norway in a nutshell tour. If you can't find a flight to Bergen, it can be done from Oslo, which may even enhance the tour as you'd get to see more of the mountains on your way over.
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