What can I do with my podcast?
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What can I do with my podcast? I started my podcast with a layman's perspective on depression and anxiety and a focus on positive thinking in 2005, but have since run out of steam, time and ideas. I don't want to drop the domain name and let it slide, but would rather change the focus and format. Any ideas, MeFi?

With time this summer and a new role at work coming up that will have a lighter stress level, I want to get back to podcasting with regularity, so I have time to plan my site and show accordingly.

Both video and audio formats are available to me, but obviously video post-processing takes longer, as does extracting an audio version from it, too. My shows tend to be 40 mins long, but again, I wouldn't mind shortening them if I had a bit of regularity to how often they were pushed out.

All ideas welcome, you may want to listen to a few shows first to get an idea of what it is that I do. Thanks in advance.
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Maybe you should think in terms of a series of shows, rather than an infinite never-ending podcast.

Each series can be based around a particular theme (or set of themes). Think more in terms of radio shows, rather than podcasts. Roughly sketch out a series before you start making it.

It sounds like this is what you wanted to do from day one. You're struggling now because your initial series of programs came to an end when you ran out of things to say.

In terms of contents, most radio shows get by with interviews, reviews, critical comment, and so on. Interviews can be quick and easy to do via phone or, more commonly nowadays for podcasts, via Skype.

Have a listen to the BBC's psychology radio show, All in the Mind. There's an archive of recent programmes that should provide you with inspiration.
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the great thing about rss and podcasts is that you can break out of regularly periodic updates. you can just post things up as you do them and your subscribers will receive the show.
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Disclaimer: I didn't listen yet.

There are SO MANY great ideas in this area. Everyone needs stories and words of encouragement for dealing with anxiety and depression, and to learn about goal-setting, stress reduction, and achieving your dreams.

Keep reading other peoples' stuff.
Attend some seminars.
Think of some inspirational events to share, and the lessons learned.
Do some free-association exercises; just start writing ideas, good or bad.
Make a list of people who inspired you, then fill in a story about each.
Read some biographical info about famous people who have dealt with anxiety and depression, and succeeded anyway. You could do hundreds of episodes from that alone.
Ask some MeFites to share their stories. They can do it in email or by phone.
Think of 10 simple things that help you feel better. Then think of 10 more.
Talk to local business owners and get a story of how they succeeded.
Talk to family members you respect and get their stories.
Think of 10 events that happened to you as a kid, whether the stories seem to have a point or not. They probably do. Then think of 10 more.
Read about the processes that brought great inventions and products to the world.
Read about great philanthropists who have helped make the lives of others better.
Think about 10 times you have overcome incredible difficulties to accomplish something good. Then think about 10 more.
What would you tell your best friend if he/she was struggling with depression and worry?
Go to the museum and find out the stories behind some of the work. Get the stories of famous artists.

Everyone has a story. You just need to find them.

I would be willing to send you a story I wrote that might be helpful, and you would be welcome to share it on the podcast if you would like. E-mail is in the profile, or just reply here.

There are so many things you can share. Don't give up! You have hit a speed bump, not a road block.

Good luck!
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After listening to a couple of minutes of episode 39, I'd say drop the banter and get focused on the topic.

There are lots of topics out there, but you'll need to bring something to each of them, more than just what could be found on a google search. Perhaps short interviews with people who used such-and-such a technique to relieve their depression, or do a guided meditation.

I'd definitely listen to something like a version of "This American Life" focused on stuff like depression, positive psychology and brain science.
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Mod note: removed link to podcast, put it in your profile if you'd like people to listen to it
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If you want to hang onto existing listeners, shouldn't you be asking them this question?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advice so far, there are some great suggestions there. I've moved the podcast link to my profile as per jessamyn's request.

What about any other ideas associated with the podacst name? It doesn't have to be focused on anxiety and depression anymore...

rjt: Yes, I have tried, but feedback from listeners has not been great. I thought a fresh set of eyes from non-listeners may help.
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I strongly suggest keeping your content <10 min. It's easier for listeners to keep up with, lower commitment both from you and the audience. Think of one of your current shows are four shows in disguise!
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