Help me find out more information about Icelandic pattern art and craftwork?
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One of my favorite books is a collection called _The Sagas of Icelanders_. The cover is here. There is a beautiful embossed set of work on the cover which i'd like more information about (i'm considering a design along these lines for a tattoo) and i'd also like more information on the design/carving of the (sword hilt, walking stick, etc) shown on the cover. There appears to be no information about either in the book.
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Pictures from the 2000 Viking Tattoo convention, shop in Copenhagen that specialized in Viking tattoos (for inspiration).
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If you want info on getting good viking tattoos, not that design in particular ;)
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Sure there is. Check the back flap - the carving is the Oseberg Ship Burial Animal Head post.
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Zamboni is correct; you can see the original (which is behind glass) at the museum just south of downtown Oslo by taking a ferry to Bygd√ły. It was the subject of much conservation effort so if you go to a research library and check out the journal cites you might get a good-quality technical drawing in one of the articles.
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Response by poster: The carving is. But what about the embossed on the front?
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Sketch of random Viking ornamentation - you'd have to ask the credited graphic artist to be sure. I'm no Early Norse scholar, but it kinda looks like Jelling.
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Not an answer to your question, but I just wanted to recommend a fantastic book by Stuart W. Mirsky called "The King of Vinland's Saga." I'm sure you will really enjoy it.
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