What podcasts can I listen to over the entire week?
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I like podcasts. I have ones that I listen to on Friday, Sunday, and Monday but not for the other days of the week. Do you have any recommendations for ones to fill those days?

I like to listen to podcasts at night and am having a hard time finding any that I like that come out regularly. I like comedy podcasts and serious podcasts with a comedic element. Do you know any that take my tastes into account?

Every Friday I listen to The Mental Illness Happy Hour and love the discussion of mental health with a dash of comedy to make it awkward.

On Sunday I listen to Jordan, Jesse, Go!

Mondays are for Stop Podcasting Yourself.

I occasionally listen to Judge John Hodgeman if I am really bored but would love other humourous podcasts for the rest of the time.

NOTE: I've tried the rest of the Maximum Fun network and don't really like them.

What I like in these podcasts is two friends shooting the shit. I much prefer Stop Podcasting Yourself over JJGO! as they are more laid back. Since I listen to these at night I don't like a lot of loudness or too much music in them (JJGO! is pushing it). Mentalpod is the right amount of seriousness and comedy that I can take.
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What I like in these podcasts is two friends shooting the shit.

Then what you need is a little Uhh Yeah Dude. /seatbelts
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The Bugle podcast has been recommended before and I can't recommend it enough. Try the BBC radio 4 comedy podcast, Newsquiz is better than the Now show though. If you're not already listening, the MetaFilter podcast is fun and it's about MetaFilter!
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Marc Maron's WTF podcast comes out on Mondays and Thursdays, I'm not sure if this breaks the rules or not. Longform interviews with comedians, touches a lot on the mental illness angle (in a sort of neuroticism way) and I've learned a lot about comedians I otherwise didn't know that much about. Enjoyable. No music except the intro/outro.
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Stuff You Should Know is two episodes per week (released on the same day I think) and is just two friends shooting the shit. But about stuff. There's the similarly formatted Stuff You Missed in History Class and Stuff Mom Never Told You (the first a little more cerebral, the latter a bit fluffier), but I believe SYSK is the most popular by far.

WTF is comedian Marc Maron talking to other comics (usually, sometimes actors or musicians or whatever) in his garage. I'm pretty sure it aims to be weekly. 2 entertaining people shooting the shit (one is the same every week), usually about being a professional entertainer.

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old is (no surprise) Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob from the films) shooting the shit. The first 10 episodes or so were all about Jason's drug problems and Kevin dealing with it and pushing him into rehab repeatedly. I didn't listen past those as I found other stuff (and had less time). If you listen to one per week there's enough in the archives to last 2 years.

NPR's Talk of the Nation, Tell Me More, and Science Friday usually have one or more guests for most of the show.
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The Ink Panthers Show w/ Mike Dawson & Alex Robinson is one of my favorite podcasts. They're cartoonists, as are their guests, but a familiarity with comics isn't necessary to enjoy the show. Episodes featuring special guest Panther Tony Consiglio are especially fun.
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I like the 5by5.tv network, but they may be a little too on-topic for you. Back to Work particularly is good and usually has a half hour or so of randomness before getting into the show topic (and even then it can get chatty).
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Funnily enough JJGO and SPY are the only 2 Max Fun podcasts i can listen to as well.
Sneaky Dragon is great and episode 62 had one of the Ink Panthers on . Have a listen to ep 50 which has an extraordinary and funny cancer survival story .
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I love The JV Club with Janet Varney. They talk a lot about adolescence so it goes between emotional and hysterically funny but I love the vibe. It's like hanging out with a couple of girlfriends.
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Seconding Uhh Yeah Dude. You might also like You Made It Weird, which is comedian Pete Holmes's podcast. Very much a two people shooting the shit vibe, and veers between serious topics and goofs.
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Two friends shooting the shit describes Roderick on the Line exactly. It feels like they used to be more reliable about which day of the week new episodes dropped, but it's served as my Wednesday podcast for ages.
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One non-topical, "friends shooting the shit" podcast that's oddly compelling is Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! with friends-of-Kevin-Smith Bryan Johnson, Walt Flanagan, Brian Quinn, and Ming Chen (who are also on Comic Book Men). While of course it's more immediately accessible if you're a fan of Kevin Smith productions, I find it stands up pretty well on its own, as just this regular conversation between longtime friends, who are basically ordinary guys who've been thrust into this position of quasi-fame because of their friendship with Smith. It's not exactly highbrow stuff, but it has a certain charm.

The best episodes are the early ones, when it's basically just Bryan and Walt (who runs the Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash comic book store in New Jersey) bitching about their lives and stuff that happens at the store. What I like about these is that they're fairly amusing guys but not comedians, so there isn't any overt "Comedy" or showbiz personality banter, and nothing really informative or topical. It's very much just hanging out with old friends. It does help if you enjoy listening to grouchy dudes in their late 30s/early 40s griping and bickering.

Later episodes are less interesting, to me at least, once the podcast takes off and they start doing live tours and Brian Quinn gets a TV show and Comic Book Men, but those early episodes are terrific.
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To elaborate on mysuggestion, Roderick on the Line is a funny podcast but not a "comedy podcast," something I have really burnt out on lately. It could also very much fit into the Maximum Fun family, as Merlin and John seem to know all those folks, but at the same time the podcast is literally nothing but a weekly phone call between two good friends. The subject matter varies enough that it doesn't feel repetive. Also, John Roderick is just an all around lovable curmudgeon and Merlin Mann provides the perfect foil for his grumbling.
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Comedy podcasts? How about You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes? Very much in the style of WTF (he jokes about it being derivative and refers to it sometimes as What The Heck.) Wednesdays and Fridays. About 150 available in the archive for free.
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Also, the Nerdist portal and Earwolf portal generally. They each have a bunch of different comedic podcasts that might interest you. I'd link to them, but I'm on my phone, try googling.
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Answer Me This is like ask metafilter but with more chatfilter and British accents. It is also hilarious. The new show appears in my iTunes on Friday morning so you can listen to it on Saturday.
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Totally Laime is a married couple who have someone from the comedy world on every week. It's definitely in the style of "shooting the shit", not strictly an interview.
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Professor Blastoff. Every Tuesday they post a podcast that focuses on a topic and the hosts (Tig Notaro, Kyle Dunnigan, and David Huntsberger) discuss it, sometimes with a guest.

They mention occasionally that folks write in to say they fall asleep to it, which might not be that nice for them, but it could be good for you!
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Comedy Bang! Bang!, How Was Your Week, and The Best Show on WFMU are my three favourite podcasts. Never Not Funny is the original LA comedy podcast and still one of the best, but you have to pay for it.
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WTF is the gold standard. I'm afraid I grew bored with the Bugle and eventually unsubscribed.

Comedy Bang Bang and the Nerdist (and, recently, Harmontown) have been the podcasts I listen to immediately as soon as they upload. Indispensible! But not for everyone. With the Nerdist especially (especially in the earlier episodes) you have to endure a lot of sexist, bro humor to get to the good stuff. But when they're on -- as with their recent podcast with transgender animator Shadi Petosky -- they can be really good.

With Harmontown you get a nice dose of ironic hipster racism with the sexism, too.

I understand on a theoretical level that the surreality and anti-humor of Comedy Bang Bang might not be for everyone, and this week's bonus episode was sort of lousy, but really it's almost always perfect. Start with any Paul F. Tompkins episode to warm up. His podcast appearances are legion and always good, too: The Pod F. Tompkast and The Dead Authors Podcast are the ones he runs himself.
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You want Too Beautiful to Live. It's 45-60 minutes every weekday and is essentially just two guys shooting the shit. Occasionally the female former producer stops by, and sometimes they do interviews, but it's mostly just them. They are both professional broadcasters, so they know how to have interesting conversations on "the air". I have listened to almost every show for the past two plus years!
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If you like a group of people just having fun, I can highly recommend The Mike O'Meara Show. It's a group of four guys who all have radio backgrounds, but got canned from the local station. They decided to start their own podcast 3 years ago and have been consistently delivering the funny five days a week since then. Episodes run just over an hour each. I encourage you to get an episode and give it a try.
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I was going to rec The Mike O'Meara show as well. Funny group of guys all with radio backgrounds, now in podcast land.
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Oh man. This is almost too easy.

The Morning Stream with Scott Johnson (webcomic artist-dood and overlord of Frogpants) and Brian Ibbott (of Coverville). Two geek dads and their shenanigans and nonsense and an irrational fear of being trapped somewhere that doesn't have potty access. They have daily guests from around the geek world on topics from comic books to Netflix and even a honest-to-god therapist. Bonus awesome if you're a Star Trek fan since each episode has a "Stump a Trek Nerd" segment.
Streams live Monday-Thursday mornings at 7am Pacific, podcast posted for download about 2 hours after the show's done.

And then we hit upon my favorite podcast ever, NSFW (spoiler alert: the name is a red herring, it really is mostly safe for work) with Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young. Another "two dudes shooting the breeze," this one is more... iCarly meets Beavis and Butthead. More of a dudebro kind of humor if that's your thing. Lots of... well, finding fun and stupidly-hilarious off-label uses for Google and YouTube. You just have to watch it, but it's very much worth it. Also: best sponsor ad reads EVER. Talk about getting lots of crap past the radar!
Streams live Tuesday evenings at 7pm Pacific, podcast version typically posted late Wednesday evening depending on how busy the TWiT editors are that week, has a pretty extensive pre-show and after-show so if you want the full experience, be prepared to commit pretty much the entire evening. They don't call the most dedicated audience the "Diamond Club" for nothin'! <>
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The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, The Geologic Podcast, The Nerdist Podcast, and the British History Podcast are all regulars in my rotation.

SGU comes out on Saturdays, the rest are flexible to a degree.
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Seconding Answer Me This - really fun and funny. Pop Culture Happy Hour with MeFi's own Linda Holmes is more topical but also has a great foursome of regulars who play off each other tremendously well.
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NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! is very humerous and good. It records weekly on Saturdays.

Alex Baldwin's Here's The Thing is a more serious show that is very good. He is a surprisingly good host who leads really interesting one-on-one conversations with guests ranging from Lena Dunham to David Brooks to Peter Frampton to Dick Cavett to Fred Armisen to David Letterman. It records every two weeks on Mondays.
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Wait Wait is the best! Actually it records on Thursdays, and is on various NPR stations on different days/times on the weekends.

I am also enjoying a new show that's kindof a spinoff of Wait Wait called How to do Everything.

Of all the celebrity/comedian interview shows, I think Alec Baldwin's is the best. WTF has such poor recording quality that I end up constantly fussing with the volume. You Made It Weird is slightly less bad in this respect. I also really like Nerdist with Chris Hardwick, he has some great guests.
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I clean houses for a living, so I have listened to many, many hours of podcasts and I'm always looking for new suggestions too.

Please check out Radiolab if you haven't before! It doesn't come out that often, but there's a pretty good sized archive of old hour long episodes and "shorts" to listen to. Each episode is themed, a bit like This American Life, but Radiolab is more science-focused. One of the two presenters is a sound artist who uses amazing audio creations to illustrate concepts such as the visible and invisible color spectrum, communicating nerve cells, the brain's development of language comprehension, etc.

Most of my favorite comedy podcasts are already mentioned here. I also like Doug Loves Movies which is a comedy quiz show, Mike and Tom Eat Snacks where Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh eat and review snack foods, high silliness on My Brother My Brother and Me and Greg Proops' vodka fueled Smartest Man in the World.

I agree with you about Stop Podcasting Yourself. Listening to two funny, laid back friends shooting the shit is very agreeable. There's a bit of that in Mike and Tom Eat Snacks and a lot of it in My Brother My Brother and Me.
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Someone recommended the Earwolf network before and I wanted to chime in to specifically recommend Yo, Is This Racist? Special guests visit for a week and it's super funny despite being about, well, racism. Lots of profanity, be forewarned.
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