Corporate America's got it's grubby little hands on the internet dating sites. What do I do now?
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Are there still dating websites that feature actual interesting people? seems to be perfect if you want the nice guy/nice car/nice job/no personality type. But what if you want the edgy/smart/spiritual/black-girl dating white boy type?

Before Springstreet snatched up all the good sites, you could rely on places like Nerve, etc. What now? Oh..and yes, I've done Craigslist (not bad but I'm sick of the cock shots) and a couple of the interracial dating sites (interracialmatch, afroromance (yes, that is the real name of the site). So what am I missing?
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How about consumating or okcupid?
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I'm a member of Consumating, and it really isn't the same as what it used to be. Most of the interesting people have been replaced by scene kids, and it is more of a popularity contest than ever. It may be worth a try, but don't expect much.
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I had success with okcupid, but after meeting my wife on there haven't tried it (been about two years). It's free, so what's the worse that can happen?
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There's also Plentyoffish but it's not as nice as OkCupid.

Good luck; I've tried most of them and they just aren't that hot (though I am curious about the interracial ones and will have to look into them). I think it's become too much of a "water water everywhere" problem.
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there's also, although consumating is cute, and okcupid has more of the 'matching compatibility' factor going for it.
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But what if you want the edgy/smart/spiritual/black-girl dating white boy type?
You in DC, by any chance? My wife met a guy exactly like that via the Washington CityPaper ads. Before that, though, other women met him via You just have to look carefully, I guess, to find such a wonderful, amazing, and, of course, modest guy.
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I honestly met my edgy-tattooed-non religious-artist-foriegn film loving-football hating fiancee on Yahoo personals. It took a while and, like looking for good used records, you have to weed through a lot of trash.

And I've seen ads for but haven't looked for obvious reasons.
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I'm also a black woman who goes for white guys and while I don't really date, I have met some really interesting people on okcupid.
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there's also --via projects even
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I've tried most of them too and really did have the best luck with Craigslist. The thing about CL is that you have to really make it work for you and you do need to weed a lot of people out. Be very specific in your ad about what you're looking for and be prepared to be relentless in your deletions. Match totally sucks in my view and I STILL can't get those bastards to stop emailing me. Lavalife was amusing but really just entertainment. Okcupid was pretty good, I have to agree.

You might also take a look at my similar question from last year.
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Yay Impersonals!
(Thanks for the shout out.)
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Sorry, I screwed up the url: here it is.
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Have you tried Metafilter?
I hear there are a couple edgy/smart/spiritual/white-boy dating black-girl types.
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Dating is a lot like job hunting. You will find some decent options on the Internet, but the real gems will only be unearthed if you take the effort to seek them out.

Talk to friends, relatives, and co-workers to see if they know anyone suitable. Go out to parties if invited. Talk to people at said parties. If someone seems interesting when you're out and about, take the chance to talk to her. It's a lot scarier to actually approach people than to just initiate an e-mail exchange, but I find that I meet a lot better quality of woman face to face. Like the hidden job market, the best people often don't advertise that they are available.

The worst that can happen is that the person is with someone or is not interested. It's not the end of the world.
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"And I've seen ads for but haven't looked for obvious reasons."

Don't waste your time. sucked so bad that I demanded a refund.
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Maybe it's just my end of the country or something, but I've found okcupid to be chock full of polyamory people, to the near exclusion of other interests. Which is fine, but it's not exactly my thing. I also suggest the local alterna-paper, assuming they haven't had their dating operation acquired by Springstreet.
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Response by poster: Baby_Balrog: If said edgy/smart/spiritual/white-boy dating black-girl types lived anywhere in the Southwest, preferably near Phoenix, I'd say...where are you????
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Nthing Okcupid: I met my edgy-tattooed-atheist-super intelligent-hot boyfriend there. Their matching percentage test really works well (I doubted it for a year, then I finally met my bf in person. We have been dating for 1.5 years now).
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Well, the first thing I did when I saw this question was check your profile to see where you might be located, but it wasn't listed. Alas, Phoenix is a little far from SoCal to make dating practical, but it couldn't hurt to make it easier for people from MeFi to contact you.

Interestingly enough, the last black-girl-dating white-boy type I was with recently moved to Phoenix to be with a guy she met on, but she's a better fit for those mainstream guys anyway. :)
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Another vote for OKCupid, even with their crummy new redesign. The site's humorous attitude creates a good environment.
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How about ?
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Response by poster: Infidel..You make a good point. I'm update my profile. Thanks for the tip. Looks like I should check out OKCupid and Impersonals. Keep'em coming folks. I am celebrating my late 30s birthday today and feeling a little like "Um..OK..he can come out of hiding now."
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Response by poster: that should be "updating." Wont' get too many smart men talking like that.
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I hate to say it, because I have mixed feelings about social networking sites, but friendster and facebook seem to be pretty good for this kind of thing. I met my brilliant wife on friendster, and there are more people hooking up on facebook than you can shake a stick at, these days. And you can delete your carefully pruned account when you acquire a sexy-manz.
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I met someone through the jam's, immediately after posting his project to the blue. She found the site when she saw my FPP lurking on MeFi, and later signed up. Webcest?
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After trying the online thing (I like okcupid and CL), I met my wonderful boyfriend at a meetup. It looks like there are tons of meetups in Phoenix - go to some and flirt like crazy is my advice! A lot of people at meetups seem to be looking for love.

Happy birthday!!
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Impersonals would be better if searching for a zip code consistently yielded profiles of people who lived in the specified distance near that zip code. Instead, it yields some correct results and others from random places. Until they get this under control (and it looks like a really cool site otherwise), I'd go for OKCupid, the only intelligent and free dating website that I know of.
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FYI, you might want to have a look at this new site, conceived by eye magazine's Sasha von Bon Bon. It's not fully functional yet, but should be interesting.
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