Easy, DIY intramuscular injection system?
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Do you know about any do-it-yourself-ez-intramuscular injection system ? My grandma has poor dexterity and she's afraid she'll hurt herself with the syringe and needle ; she would like something like a "pistol" that shoots the syringe and needle at a safe depth and with accuracy.
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There are autoinjectors like these. She should ask her pharmacist if they are available for the medication that she uses. I've only seen them for epinephrine and atropine, though.
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I see two questions here: "Are there autoinjectors for intramuscular injections?" and "What should my grandmother do so she can self-administer her intramuscular meds safely?" The answer to number 1 is yes, there are IM autoinjectors. Delivery systems are closely linked to dose and formulation, and the amount delivered from the same size dose using the different systems (autoinjector v syringe, for example) can be different enough to produce different clinical responses.

So the answer to number 2 is to call her doctor's office and ask the nurse what to do about this issue, with respect to the drugs your grandmother is taking. There could be a lot of options, from a simple technique to a specific-size needle to ... who knows, I certainly don't, but the doctor's nurse will. If her dexterity is insufficient to self-administer a prescribed drug appropriately, her doctor's nurse can help find solutions for that, too.
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Response by poster: Well thanks for the good tips. I asked the doc who said "well I haven't seen one in ages, I guess maybe they're used in some private hospital or something" ..ugh the answer wasn't technically pleasing at all. The nurse..well there's no nurse :/ guess I'll ask some other doctor.

Remembers me of the time I had to find a particular medication from a friend of mine, many years ago. Gawd bless internet a dude from holland had the answer.
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there are also autoinjectors like these which are specifically designed for people who fear needles or have difficulty reaching injection sites. they use a syringe you have filled and insert the needle when you press a button. it seems, though, that you still have to push the plunger

however, these are designed for diabetics - i'm not sure if they'll work in your grandmother's case
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Response by poster: they would, but I guess they come prepacked/sealed for insuline. Anyway thanks !

on a side note: i wonder why nobody already invaded this market with an huuuuge potential
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actually, my understanding is that you need to fill the syringe (for diabetics, with insulin), place the filled syringe in the device, and then press the button for an injection.

they are designed to hold syringes used for insulin - but i would imagine that syringe sizes are fairly standard...

i'd recommend checking with a pharmacist or a diabetes specialist at your local hospital.
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