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How do I clean a rose gold pendant and chain?

I purchased a rose gold necklace about two weeks ago and have been wearing it daily ever since. I just noticed though that the chain has become incredibly dull (like an old penny). I'm wondering if perhaps it reacted with the lotion I use. Has anyone had a similar experience? Regardless, is it possible to restore it to its former lustre? If so, how?
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Response by poster: I just looked online and the piece is described as "rose gold vermeil". i confess i'm not sure what this means exactly, but im going to guess the neckalce is just plated. Given this, how can I clean it?
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I've written a lot of product descriptions for jewelry in my time, so I think I can answer this one.

Vermeil means the gold has been electroplated onto a base of sterling silver. Thus, your necklace is actually sterling silver plated with rose gold. This reduces the cost of the piece without sacrificing the appearance.

Rose gold is gold that has been blended with a little copper. It is very possible your necklace is reacting with your lotion, causing the copper to tarnish more quickly.

You should be able to clean it with some warm water, a little dish soap, and a soft bristle toothbrush (scrub gently). You could also have your necklace professionally cleaned at any jewelry store, but this may not be necessary.

There are commercial cleaning products for jewelry, but they can be expensive and may not even work as well as simple soap and water. You should at least try the home remedy first.
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Step 1: Soap and water. I don't recommend using a toothbrush, though, even a soft one. Be very very gentle, as vermeil has a bad reputation for not wearing well.

Step 2: Polishing cloth, using a very gentle touch. (You can get this at a jewelry store. DO NOT use any kind of liquid jewelry cleaner!)
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