Best source for old RAM
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Looking for a reputable source for old RAM (Dell XPS, T600).

Googling resulted in a number of sites that sell RAM, but I have no knowledge about them. Do people have favorite places for RAM? (I'd like to avoid ebay.)

Also, it seems there are two kinds - SDRAM and ECC SDRAM. Any differences? (I have no idea what's currently in there.) Thanks!
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Best answer: A quick google tells me your computer takes 168-pin SDRAM at the PC-100 speed. My prefered retailer is Newegg. Here is the category. Your dell most likely has two memory slots, both full. So if you currently have 256megs of ram, you have 2 128 meg sticks. So if you want to move up to a gig you should buy 2 512 sticks and throw the old ram out.

If you want to see what kind of ram you currently have you can download CPU-Z. This will tell you your current ram setup, among other things.

DDR is the new kind of ram. You're using the older SDRAM ecc/168-pin stuff.
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2nding Newegg. They've never steered me wrong or sold me bum product. Quick shipping too.
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Response by poster: I'm pretty sure my PC has three slots. So the 128MB that's in there (forgot to mention that) is either one 64 or two 128's. But I'll be double-checking tonight.
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Oh, your computer has a max memory per slot. I dont know what it is (you'll have to look it up on dell's site or call dell). I would assume 512 per slot is a safe bet. I wouldnt be surprised if your motherboard cannot handle a 1 gig module.

Whoops, according to these guys your max memory is going to be 768 megs. So you can only handle 3x 256 modules. Don't buy that 512!
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RAM is ironically probably the only computer part that almost appreciates with age. Mainly because it's an easy upgrade for older computers, but factories quickly stop producing it once a new type is released.

So, if you've got an old junker with PC-133 SDRAM, pull it before you toss it.

To answer the question, I've had good luck with craigslist for what it's worth.
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Response by poster: I think Newegg gets the vote. I seem to remember them from several years ago. Thanks!!
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If they sell it, I'd put in a vote for They make some of Dell's RAM. Their website has never steered me wrong on system configuration or quality memory (their product pages typically tell you the slot configuration and amount of RAM a machine can hold). I don't know how they compare on price with NewEgg, but I've found them to be cheaper than adding memory to a new system from Dell (two years ago I saved over $100 per machine buying minimum RAM on Latitude laptops and adding memory from Crucial).
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If you can find the Express Code for your XPS system, you can go to and view information specifically for your machine. They have a page for your original system (when it was originally shipped), as well as manuals out the wazoo.
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Definitely check out BST forums at 2cpu, hardforum, arstechnica, and etc.

For example, I currently have three 256mb sticks available for $40 + shipping (I feel dirty now :P).
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