Chicken & Waffles in NYC
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Where can I get the best chicken and waffles in New York City?

Personal recommendations preferred. I will travel to any borough.
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Rack & Soul [NY Mag Review] has the best chicken in town and also serves waffles. I think R&S is better than its affiliated mothership, Charles' Southern Kitchen (and also serves beer). Londel's is also great.
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Best answer: My friends and I love Amy Ruth's on 116th west of Lenox.
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I'm no chicken 'n' waffles expert, but I very much enjoy their brunch serving at Union Picnic.
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44th & Tenth is good (that's the name of the place, as well as its location.) If you don't mind moody gay waiters.
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Best answer: I was going to say Pan Pan's, but it burned three years ago. :-(
Seconding Amy Ruth's "Al Sharpton special".
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