Making Visual Teaching easier on XP (OSX equivalents needed
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As a followup to this question (2 years ago)... I need in WinXP to have three features (and I'll take any of the three, preferably all). 1) Bordered Cursor (round ring, called Pinpoint for OSX). Bonus for a visual change when you click (and right click) 2) Key overlay like KeyCastr for OSX, showing the audience control/alt keys as you type them in an overlay. 3) Dynamic Zoom (yes, I know it's open gl based, I have only open GL cards) to push in. MacOS Universal Prefs.
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You might wanna look at this thread.
Also googling for "pinpoint cursor windows xp" turns up some nice hits.
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Best answer: For the Dynamic Zoom, this might do the trick for you... or you can try here. For a pretty extensive list of all sorts of screen magnifiers, check out this site.
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