Are these Cubs tickets authentic?
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How can I make sure my Cubs tickets are the real deal?

I recently purchased tickets for a Cubs game from I have no particular reason to doubt their authenticity. TicketsNow is fairly reputable and, having received the tickets, they don't immediately strike me as being counterfeit. However, since I'll be travelling from Toronto to Chicago for the game, I'd like to be extra sure they're real before I leave.

Is there any way to authenticate my tickets? Is there a watermark I can look for? Is there a number I can call?
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Best answer: Call the box office at Wrigley.

Ask them if they can confirm. If there's a serial or barcode number on the ticket, they should be able to, just fine.
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with ticketmaster tickets at the very least, there's also heat-sensitive material in them. if you apply heat, they turn black, to prohibit scanning/copying/etc. a quick flick of a lighter or cigarette in an area without crucial info is a good check.

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