Are these jeans real or fake Hermès?
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Bought a pair of women's jeans from Goodwill -- they are labeled Hermès but I am assuming they are fake. (I bought them JUST in case.) Google is not helping -- no matter how I search, all I can find is info about spotting fake Birkin bags. There must be a good guide online, but I'm just not finding it.
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Can you post photographs? Clear, with close-ups, and close-ups of stitching, tags, hardware, etc.

You are probably not going to find a guide because this isn't a thing that is regularly faked. Which doesn't mean yours are authentic, it just means that it's not a common fake and thus usually not too hard to figure out. You'll want to look for stuff like a history of the labels they've used, like this, and compare. I have a really gorgeous coat that has a "Max Mara" label sewn into it. It has nothing to do with Max Mara; it's not a knock-off of any Max Mara design, it's just...the label the factory thought would be fun to pop in on that day. You can tell it's not Max Mara because they never made a coat like that, and because the tags are a little bit off, and other bits and bobs like that, but fake Max Mara coats are not enough of a thing for there to be HOW TO SPOT FAKE MAX MARA PARKAS! A GUIDE as there are for modern-day Coach bags and Ray-Ban sunglasses, etc.
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Did you buy them to wear them and enjoy them? If so, awesome, they're not Hermes jeans, they're YOUR jeans.

If you want to resell them, Google Hermes Jeans and see if they look like some of the jeans on the internet. Just compare to see if they were even a thing. I have a 'Hermes' bag I bought on Canal street. Hermes never made a bag that looked like that. I bought it because I liked the shape.

A good, high end, resale shop will be able to vet them and perhaps offer you a price for them.
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You might check in with the folks at the Authenticate This Hermès forum over at Purse Forum. Lots of rules/hoops to jump through, but I would trust their work.
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Hermès doesn't really make jeans, especially jeans for women. Which is not to say they have NEVER made jeans, but there's next to zero demand for them. This isn't a guaranteed windfall like an authentic bag or scarf would be. TheRealReal (online consignment) carries a decent amount of pre-owned Hermès pants (not denim) so that might be a good place to start. Here's a list of others.
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I LOVE Hermes and was certain that they'd never made jeans but lo and behold, here they are. I don't know if yours are real or not, but if they are, they're selling for $820 new!
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You can find pictures of Hermes jeans on the consignment website Vestiaire Collective - you'll need to create an account to be able to see them. Also, warning, super slow website.
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Response by poster: Can you post photographs? Clear, with close-ups, and close-ups of stitching, tags, hardware, etc.

Here are some. The odd English translation on the care tag was the first thing that made me think "yep, fake."
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Based on your pictures, I'm going to say fake. They're good fakes, but they're fake.

1. The way the leather tag goes all the way to the top of the waist line.

2. The way the stitching goes through the H on the Hermes tag.

3. The sloppy back stitching.

4. The fact that the first tag is cut crookedly and is not edge finished.

Fine fashion will have NONE of these imperfections.

So hopefully you like them and want to wear them. They are counterfeit, but hey, good denim is good denim.
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Agree that they're fake. Notice how there's no accent on the second "e" on the fabric tags.
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Just checked a couple of my H pieces to be sure, and in addition to the slightly wonky font, there's no accent on the second E in any photos of the hardware.
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"Alwaya wash it separately" is a pretty bad typo.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all -- too many to mark best answer!
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