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Im spending quite a bit of money on some tickets to a playoff hockey game... Im wondering if anyone knows a good way to make sure they are real. Please respond soon as im buying them later tonight. thanks everyone
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i wouldn't buy tickets online unless they are from ticketmaster or a reputable "reseller" (whatever they call them - a company like StubHub for example).

these days, there's less emphasis on "real" tickets in the "watermark" or "hologram" sense that i know i grew up with. most sports tickets are simple documents that you can print out on your home computer that can be scanned at the stadium gate.

having said this, id recommend you do not buy from individuals online as these tickets can be printed out in multiples and there's really no way to know a priori that the tickets being offered are good.
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Response by poster: im not actually buying online... my girlfriend is heading to the city and meeting a guy who says he has season tickets so they should look how theyre supposed to. im prety confident they'll be okay but spending 800bux (on four) has a way of making me a little nervous.
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well you don't give any indication of what team you are looking for so no one can help you with what security features that team has incorporated into its tickets. If these are indeed season ticket holder tickets then they should be printed on high quality paper and probably incorporate multiple colors, metal foil and/or holograms but there is no way of know with what you have provided us.

caveat emptor
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Online is almost more reliable for this kind of thing, with ebay feedback and heatware, and stuff like that.

Why not get him to agree to the use of an escrow? It will cost you as much as 10%, but it might be worth it.

I'd certainly want to confirm his real life identity: listed in the phone book; can phone or knock on his door, and actually get him; confirmation of where he works (if he has season tickets, he has to have a fair bit of disposable income).
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My Coyotes season tickets don't have any hologram or foil. But they are printed on heavy stock and have my name printed on them. If the team in question also prints the season ticket holder's name on the ticket, you could ask to corroborate the name with the seller's ID.

I'd call the team's season ticket sales department and ask their advice.
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Response by poster: they are vancouver canucks tickets
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