Help me identify and hear a musical instrument I saw on TV about 20 years ago.
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Singer Linda Ronstadt appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson years ago (20 or more?). She sang a song that was accompanied by a strange looking instrument. My faulty memory bank says it looked like a ceramic pot turning on a horizontal rotisserie! Can you help me identify me a picture...let me hear it?
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A Hurdy Gurdy?
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Best answer: Could it have been a glass harmonica?
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Best answer: Could it have been related to a glass harmonica? (An instrument also called the "glass armonica" made up of glass cups that rotate on a central spindle and work the same way as you rubbing your finger around the rim of a glass.)

[I didn't see the show, could be way off-base]
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Best answer: It must have been a glass harmonica... she released a whole album using the instrument.

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Best answer: Probably the glass armonica:

"To Ronstadt, sublime is something else. It's the glass armonica, an instrument she was first captivated by in the early 1970s. "I don't remember to this day where I first heard it, but I never heard music the same after that. It was one of those experiences that just changes everything. And I searched for it always after that, but I wasn't on a track that would run me into a glass armonica, I was on a track that would run me into a guitar player."

Finally, in 1993, when Ronstadt was commissioned to write and record a song for Agnieszka Holland's film, The Secret Garden, she knew the time had come to find a glass armonica. Although she didn't discover her armonicist, Dennis James, until after the track, Winter Light, was cut, she incorporated his playing into the revamped version of the song for her album of the same name, and used him on three successive albums, most noticeably Dedicated To The One I Love, her 1996 collection of rock songs reinterpreted as children's lullabies."
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.. sorry, on the Tonight Show. With Leno though. 1993.
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Response by poster: Yes, I'm sure that's it. Thanks so much for quick and accurate response. I'm thrilled to find this info... the hive ROCKS!
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I wonder if it might have been a berimbau? That was my first guess from your description of the instrument. Maybe one of the songs from Frenesi - released in 1992
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Invented by your friend and mine, Benjamin Franklin. Let's have a nice round of applause for Ben.
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Doncha just love AskMeFi?
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aren't all rotisseries horizontal? has anybody here ever seen a vertical rotisserie?
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has anybody here ever seen a vertical rotisserie?

Certainly. On my in-laws' countertop, also.
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