Schools for Home Ec. education?
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Going to college to become a Home Ec teacher?

My cousin is finishing up her junior year of high school. She wants to go to college to study to become a home economics teacher. I, however, fear that hasn't looked much beyond the local university in her college search. Does the hive-mind know of any good Home Ec education programs? Especially in the Northeastern states?

[on another note, is there a new name they're calling Home Economics these days? Like Home and Consumer Sciences or something fancy like that?]
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I can't help you out with college suggestions, but I'll give you this: Home Ec was re-named Family and Consumer Sciences where I went to school.
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Perhaps your cousin should search for a university with a good reputation for the entire College of Education. I'm not sure that any one area in the College of Ed in my old university was a standout, but becaue the whole college had a good reputation employers looked upon us favorably.
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She might take a look at the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences webpage. The have an education section with lists of colleges with related departments.

Other alternatives to Home Ec to search for might be Human Ecology or Family and Nutrition.
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You might get some relevant information from IFHE (the International Federation for Home Economics) or contacts for advice on the topic.
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not a productive answer here, but i am so wowed by the fact that you can still major in home ec.

i totally want to go back to school now!
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Cornell has a whole division of the university devoted to "human ecology" (formerly home ec).

Wikipedia has a whole list of programs in human ecology, too.
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I can't answer your question about finding a good home ec program but I can give you some advice for your cousin. I am going to be a teacher and I know *lots* of teachers in many different disciplines who are teaching at various grade levels. Finding a full time job--or even a part time job--as a home ec or art teacher is very difficult right now and the future looks even more dismal. When the education budget gets cut at the federal, state, or local level (and it ALWAYS does), physical education, art, and home ec are always the first classes placed on the chopping block. Also keep in mind that a school that still offers home ec will most likely have only one teacher doing it. It's not like most subjects, where there will be a gaggle of teachers in a department who all teach the same subject. The home ec jobs are few and far between.

Right now, the focus nationally is to get more and more kids interested in math and physical sciences and to discourage them from pursuing social and domestic sciences.

Many home ec teachers also teach child development, suggesting that some psychology, sociology, kinesiology, and physiology courses may be required. She may also get stuck doing double-duty as a PE teacher. Tell her to be prepared for a tough job hunt. Once she finds a job, it might be a challenge keeping it. But if it's her passion, she should go for it, balls to the wall! Good luck to her.
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My alma mater, UConn, has both a family studies program and an excellent education school. I'd suggest doing undergrad in family studies, then getting a master's (which I think is required for teachers in CT) in education. She can also make an interdisciplinary program that incorporates agriculture, computer science, and art courses.

There's also this search, which might help (once you get past all the online universities).

From my understanding, home ec teachers who can teach modern job skills are in pretty high demand. She could also look into vocational schools and colleges.
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