Help me find this painting!
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I desperately need to find a copy of Pierre Puvis de Chavannes's "The Prodigal Son."

My boyfriend loves this Pierre Puvis de Chavannes painting, and I'd love to buy him a copy for his birthday (not till October, so time is not an issue). But it seems absolutely impossible to find. Any ideas? I'd be unbelievably grateful.
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No direct answer, but perhaps a little more help for your sleuthing. I assume your first stop was to contact the National Gallery shop, and presumably they don't carry a print.

If they have other Puvis de Chavannes prints, though, perhaps they could give you the contact info for his estate (or for the art licensing agency who handles his work), so you could ask them if such a print exists.
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I think I would start by calling or emailing the shop at the National Gallery and asking them whether they sold reproductions of the work, or whether they knew of anywhere they could be obtained.
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On preview, d'oh!
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Try - I wasn't able to find it in their online database, but if you email them directly, they may be able to help you find a high-res copy that you can possibly work with.
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