Commercial spirit, but not the 96 proof kind.
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Recommendations of commercials who capture a country's spirit? For example for Norway: Drygolin and Kvikk Lunsj.

After a recent tour in the woods I started to wonder about commercials which somehow capture a country's essence. The examples above capture Norwegian's taciturnity and love for nature, respectively. Any other examples out there?
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I am Canadian.
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I've always thought that this captured something important 9/11 Tribute / Budweiser (by Zack Snyder)
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India: Nike cricket commercial
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For Great Britain, I nominate the famous (even though it was only shown 10 times according to Wikipedia) 1997 TV ad for blackcurrant flavour Tango (a canned soft drink): "St. George"
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Nomitation for USA: Real Men of Genius from Budweiser and the Old Spice commercials

And yeah, Kvikk Lunsj is pretty apt, both the product and the commercial
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For Ireland I couldn't choose just one so I nominate a selection (from here).

If you grew up in the 70's or 80's in Ireland this ad resonated. HARP: And the Way She Might Look At You.

Another couple of oldies that I had all but forgotten, but that certainly capture something very Irish. Bord Na Mona & Kerrygold.

The last few are not so obviously Irish but do capture our sense of humor perfectly. Guinness: Anticipation & Amstel: The Flood, Troy & The New World.
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Correction to my earlier post: the title of the ad suggests *English* not British national spirit
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For Australia, there's Qantas' iconic I Still Call Australia Home series.
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