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I'm starting a small PC repair business to make some extra money, and I'm looking for suggestions for a clever (but not too cutesy) descriptive business name. I'll primarily be doing in-home (or drop-off) hardware and software troubleshooting, but no major hardware modifications. Come to think of it, would that even qualify as computer "repair" since I won't be tinkering with the computer's physical components? Looking forward to your suggestions.
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Nerd for Hire.
posted by fiTs at 11:02 AM on May 19, 2007

Geek Seek
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Clever Dick
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Soft Aware
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Spyware Sleuth
Broken Windows
Registry Mechanic
Internet King
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or something that indicates the duality--

Hardware and Software Troubleshooting/Consulting
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Okay, to clarify: you will basically be handling delivery and setup of hardware peripherals and software?

Answer Geek
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Setup Wizard
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If your business is gonna avoid hardware then i would say it best to focus on a niche market. Like spyware and virus removal.

Spyware accounted for over 50% of my business calls. It is a great money maker if you know what your doing.

Just some Advice...
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Response by poster: Misha - the core of the service will be troubleshooting existing problems with hardware and software (compatibility issues, corrupt drivers, non-functioning software, unexplained error messages, etc).
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Bonzi Buddy
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Start Menu
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If your business is gonna avoid hardware then i would say it best to focus on a niche market. Like spyware and virus removal.

This sounds like a great idea. But even if you don't want to focus on that, I suggest choosing something to focus on: software upgrades, system optimization, whatever you want. You can focus your marketing that way, and your reputation will spread faster. PLUS, you can still DO all the other things. Once someone comes to you for your specialty, they will generally trust you to do other things as well.

Think of a steak house or a rib joint. They are known for great steak or ribs, but you can get shrimp, chicken, or whatever. Being seen as an expert in one area gives you expert status in others.

I can't tell you how many people want me to fix their computers, just because I do web design.

Good luck! You can be as successful as you choose!
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'PCDQ computer service' ?
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hmm, I don't know about where you live, but here (Australia) there are some advantages to just using your name ie Jack Sides, Computer Guru. For a start, you don't have to buy it or renew it - it's yours. Secondly, when people write you a cheque, it's no never mind as to whether it's in your name or your business' name, cos they're the same and the bank likes it. Maybe you're even already in the white pages under that name. See what I mean? And once you start looking (if your rules are similar) to see what names have been taken, you might even find that if you choose one of the above, you'll have to add your location in front of it to be able to use it, because some bugger has already registered it, even though he's not operating.
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Window Washer or We Do Windows (especially if you go with the spyware idea, which I like).
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Path e-Tech.
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if only there were some kind of business name generator. b33j gives some pretty compelling reasons for using one's own name, though.
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