Help me avoid rain in China.
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I'm on vacation in China - there's only one problem: I Hate Rain. Can you help me plan a new itinerary with as little rain as possible? Also, which online weather sites are reliable?

Currently, I'm in Dali, Yunnan Province. But, yesterday I booked a ticket to Chengdu, Sichuan in a bid to avoid rain. At that time, the sites I consulted said there would be 15 straight days of sun in Chengdu - that seems to have changed. It looks like I'll still have a little sun, but I'm hoping to avoid any rain that does come. I'll be here until the 8th of June. (When I have to fly out of Kunming to Hong Kong).

For various reasons I'm unable to leave China or go to Tibet, so that's out of the question. Any help would be appreiciated.
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Sorry for not being real helpful with facts or figures, but western China is typically a dry place. Maybe a visit to Kashgar is in order?
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I remember reading somewhere, once, maybe, that many local weather forecasts are actually from a town's airport, where weather data is usually more important. (The Weather Channel's site) seems to think that aside from next Tuesday and Wednesday, it should either be sunny or cloudy, but not rainy.
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Go to Xinjiang or Inner Mongolia and never have to deal with that pesky rain again!

Seriously, I'm seconding msittig, go to Xinjiang. Turfan, Kashgar and Dunhuang (in Gansu near the Xinjiang border) are rainless and facinating.

While you are in Dali... would you like to buy this random crappy trinket? No? Smoke ganja?... what is up with those old ladies?

You could also embrace the rain and head up the mountains. Head to Lijiang, Zhongdian and Deqin, you won't regret it.
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The summer months are the wettest throughout China. When I read your question I immediately thought of the west as well. I would agree with all the suggestions so far.

If you do head up to Chengdu, and you like nature, I would strongly recommend Jiuzhaigou. It is absolutely beautiful there. If I remember correctly it is around 10 or 12 hours by bus north of Chengdu. I can't vouch for it being rainless but it has monthly rainfall figures of 87mm and 96mm for May and June respectively.

This chart has rainfall statistics for China, if you'd like to cross-reference recommendations.
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Xi'an and Beijing are typically pretty dry, I am partial to the North in general, the food is WAY better up there.
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Sichuan and Qinghai have been cloudy/rainy for the last 10 days, so I bet they'll clear up soon. No rain in Gansu!

Saga Dawa, a major Tibetan Buddhist holiday, is also coming up on the 31st so it's a great time to visit the Tibetan Autonomous Prefectures in Northwest Sichuan, Southwest Gansu, or Qinghai.

And yeah, Xinjiang. From Chengdu onward (north- and/or west-ward, that is) are the most interesting parts of the country.
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