Crossing highways?
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Is there anywhere that two interstate highways cross at the same exit number?

For illustration, a close but not quite example is: in NJ, the I-287 exit to get onto I-80 is Exit 41A/B. The exit on I-80 for I-287 is Exit 43.
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Best answer: On my daily commute in MA, the connection between I93-N and I95-S, and 95N/93S, are both exit 37 (but '37B' one way, and '37A' the other way).

Does that count?
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Since exit numbers are state dependent, that's a hard question to answer. ;)

A post to misc.transport.road would certainly be met with answers.

On preview: It looks like jozxykq already has one!
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I-55 and I-64 in Illinois just east of St. Louis may both be exit 2, depending on whether 64 has an exit number there, as they are multiplexed westbound into St. Louis, and many times there is no signed exit number in that instance.

Looking around in Street Atlas shows that there are a bunch of "close calls" of 10 miles or less.
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Wikipedia has a wickedly good enumeration of US interstate highways and their characteristics.
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Blah, I should have waited a bit before posting again. Looking at Kansas City, if numbers with different lettered suffixes count, there are two sets in downtown KC. One at I-670 and I-35, and the other at I-70 and I-35. All of the exits around that area have the number 2, with suffixes ranging from A to Y.

I have my doubts as to the accuracy of this, but SA shows I-80 Westbound exiting onto a I-29/I-80 multiplex as exit 4, and shows the Eastbound movement also as exit 4. One could consider that an intersection between I-29 and I-80, both at exit 4. Street Atlas certainly does! Personally, given that before and after the multiplex the I-29 exit numbers are 48 and 51, I wouldn't. This is Iowa, just east of Omaha, in Council Bluffs, I guess.

I-71 and I-75 in Cincinnati meet at exit 1, although again there are letters involved. One movement from 71 to 75 is 1A, as is one movement from 75 to 71.

As an aside, exit 104 on I-71 on the south side of Columbus is for OH-104.
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One at I-670 and I-35, and the other at I-70 and I-35. All of the exits around that area have the number 2, with suffixes ranging from A to Y.

25 exits in a one mile stretch? I've driven through that stretch of road at least 50 times, and I cannot believe that.
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Exit numbers are not always mile markers, TypographicalError. For instance, the New York State Thruway numbers the exits serially, regardless of the distance between exits. I grew up near Exit 52, which is 424 miles from Exit 0 at New York City.
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jozxyqk is correct. 93 and 95 cross each other at 37 and there's A and B at each, for each direction.
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