Movie where an art student manipulates her boyfriend and turns this into
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I'm desperately looking for the name of this contemporary US movie [spoilers within!]:

A university student meets the girl of his dream and realizes, while he attends her defense at the end of the movie, that she was working all along on changing his personality, appearance, etc. for her art thesis. He was basically the piece of art.
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Best answer: The Shape of Things. Brutal movie.
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Response by poster: That's the one, thank you very much!
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Based on a play by Neil LaBute, who also directed the movie.
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If you liked the exploration of just how shitty people can be to each other you should definitely check out his movie In The Company of Men.
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Huh. It sounds a bit like the book The Magus, too. Great read, by the way.
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Seconding phearlez. Aaron Eckhardt is brilliant in that film.
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Just finished reading The Magus about a week and a half ago, malaprohibita, and it was my first thought too.
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yeah great movie whenever i have this problem i just type the name of the actor into the and find all his work and try to figure out which movie it is.
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