How do I stream real time digital TV across a lan (XP).
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How do I stream digital TV from my PC to another PC?

I have two winXP PCs on a LAN, the first PC having a digital TV receiver. My other PC is hooked up to a projector. I would like to watch digital TV via the projector in real time.

How do I go about streaming the digital TV from my first PC to the second one? I believe there is software out there which will do it, but I want to do it as easily as possible without having to compile files, run command lines etc.
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Response by poster: Oh yes, and super bonus points for freeware solutions, though I am not worried about paying for something that works.
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VLC. VideoLAN Client. Free in every sense of the word, VLC's killer feature is the capture and broadcast of streaming media. It'll also play just about any media format, in case compatibility matters.
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I've seen VLC do that.
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Response by poster: VLC, by my reading of it, won't support a digital TV card as a stream source. At least, it won't see mine, which is pretty standard. I have an ASUS My Cinema U3000 capture device, but it simply doesn't show up in the streaming wizard. Any other suggestions? I thought that the VLS server sofware might work, but it's all scary uncompiled stuff that I don't understand. :)
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VideoHelp seems to be a good resource for streaming. They have guides up for several different programs. I expect their forums to be good, too.
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VLC will serve from DVB cards on Windows as of the nightly builds from a couple of weeks ago (so I'm told by a friend who pointed me to this thread), provided the card uses BDA drivers.

I believe the GUI hasn't been implemented yet, so it requires CLI config to get it going.
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Any of the major PC releases for time-shifting television (eg. SageTV, Beyond TV, etc) can now do this. Through a client-server setup.
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