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How do I add some padding to my messenger bag's strap?

I bought this leather laptop messenger bag that I really love here but the strap is too thin. I don't want to return it but the strap is becoming very uncomfortable with the heavy load. Can I add some cushion around my strap? Any readymade product like that?
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These are intended for seatbelts but might do the trick.
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Here's one you can buy; don't know if it would be too wide for that strap, though.
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this is probably too wide, but would otherwise work great
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For a wonderfully low-tech solution: I know a bass player who used to use a maxi-pad to fulfill this function.
Probably not what you're looking for, but I have been assured that it works for this purpose.
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I, also, have a friend that will on occasion use a maxi pad as a quick fix strap booster.
again, probably not what you're looking for.

I, personally have had the same issue with my daily carry messenger bag, and here's what I did:
(first, be pretty proficient at sewing, or make a friend who is)
I called the "Call for an information kit and a free sample of our REVOLUTIONARY Tempur material!"
I waited 2-4 weeks (if you don't have 2-4 weeks, go get a some of that yellow couch foam, I guess. You can get it in sheets at a number of places like michaels and similar.)
Then, I sewed that little sponge of foam into a pillow/pouch sort of thing, then sewed another piece of cloth onto two sides of that, with the strap in the middle, so it created a little tunnel, and I could move the shoulderpad around on the strap.
I'm hoping you understood that cockamamy description of my moveable shoulderpad.
but yeah, the tempur foam makes it so comfortable. wow.
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Here's a ready made nylon one from Manhattan Portage for 12 bucks. The bags from this company are pretty sturdy so I imagine the pad would be too. If the opening is too wide for your strap and slides around, you could probably put a few stitches in it to narrow the opening.
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Timbuk2 also sells strap pads. The rubberized no-slip one is handy if you wear the strap on the same shoulder the bag hangs on, since it won't slide off as easily.
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Here's another one. Kind of ugly, but probably very comfortable.
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Thank you. Thank you everyone.
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