Looking for NC/SC semigeek destination
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My buddy and I are trying to find something to get away to, preferably next month, within easy driving distance of Greenville, SC or Charlotte, NC. A free IT-geek conference would be ideal. If we just get a (couple of) room(s) somewhere, our wives will think there's

(more inside) such as truckloads of strippers or lusty co-eds somehow unable to resist our middle-aged charms and physiques.

Wherever we go is incidental. The purpose of the trip is just to get away, drink beer, and therapeutically gripe about our wives, tribes, and lives. Neither of us is a hard-core code monkey or network guru, but we were already "IT Professionals" when WFWG was released, and we understand the value of free t-shirts and flirting with booth babes.

Ideas? Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking: too damn much effort involved. Where do a couple of indoor guys hide from their otherwise well-loved families for a couple of days?

Money is an issue.
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USENIX Education on the Road is a week from now in Durham, NC.
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Martians in caves, huh?
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Response by poster: Precisely, Deathalicious.

USENIX maybe c(ode?)monkey. Best idea so far anyway. I looked at HeroCon here in Charlotte, but those kids probably know more about current comics than I've forgotten about the old. Or something like that.
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Savannah, GA! It is beautiful and full of alcohol. Especially great English Pub called Six Pence thats right in the Historic District and open until 3am every night.
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For straight drinkin', downtown Greenville is pretty good. Start at the north end of Main St., working your way south, getting one beer at each bar you come cross. See how far you make it. Surely this is a worthy scientific endeavor?

Also, Asheville is way different, and pretty close. Go observe teh neo-hippy culture.
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I live in Asheville and can't think of anything like that going on anytime soon although apparently we are getting an SF convention this fall. Y'all can always come on a Thursday evening to Drinking Liberally and talk politics with us. Or there's geocaching. or, uh, a father's day beer train ride?
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If you're at all interested in usability, you can check out DCampSouth on June 2nd.
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