MUD client for Windows Mobile? Converting Windows software to Windows mobile.
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A MUD client (used for text-based role playing games) for Windows Mobile. Is there one? How easy would it be to make one or convert an open source version?

A MUD client is essentially a terminal so it should be pretty easy to implement on a Windows Mobile device. I haven't seen any in the wild, so I'm wondering if I've missed it -- and if not, how easy it would be to write one, or to convert an existing open source client into something usable on Windows Mobile.

Are there any tools for converting regular Windows software to Windows Mobile? Any emulators?

Any other insight?
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I was under the impression you could connect to most MUDs using any old terminal emulator.
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Best answer: Yea, your best bet is probably a terminal emulator, either running natively, or via SSH to a Unix box (which then lets you use TinyFugue/tf or a handful of other terminal-but-not-telnet clients).

Given the relative obscurity of MUDs to begin with, and then the recent advent of graphical MMOs, and the fact that it's Windows Mobile, I'd imagine your choices will be quite limited.

Googling '"windows mobile" mud client' does gets a few hits, such as
MobileVT, InterString Pocket MUD, and (terminal emulator, not MUD client) PocketPuTTy, among others.
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