Is dental dam usage common?
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Are dental dams commonly used in the dating scene?
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Not to my knowledge, no. The answer probably differs based on geography and sexual preference.
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No. A lot of people have never even heard of such a thing, and I don't have any straight friends who use them.
I do know one lesbian who is a dam devotee, so perhaps they are somewhat more commonly used on the lesbian dating scene.
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The only time ive heard of them was on Love Line (West radio show) but I have never seen one in person.
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To be fair, I don't know anyone who uses condoms during oral sex, either.
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No. They're 'around' on the lesbian scene, but nobody really uses them. I tried one once and it sucked - sensitivity reduced to practically zero.
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Tried one--my girlfriend is a fan of flavored condoms, so she thought I might enjoy a flavored dental dam. I didn't. If I weren't in a monogamous relationship and disease were a factor, I think I'd prefer waiting for the results of a blood test to using a dental dam.
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Saran Wrap may or may not be safe but it beats dental dams hands down. Plus it's got a lot of other fun uses. As for whether dental dams are common on the dating scene my experience from years ago is that most people don't have a great reaction to the idea of dental dams, the straighter and less sex-positive the woman the greater the negative reaction. Anyway, that's just my experience and not a recent one at that.
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I've only heard of one person using them, and she was a safe sex educator...

However, it does make for a terrible case of the giggles when the dentist uses them on you for their original purpose...
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