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I'm looking for an online comic that uses photos as the background, three panels, with words over the top. The sense of humor is very dark, slightly sick, and I seem to remember the author either having another web comic, or a spouse with one.
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Best answer: Is it this? I only knew of it because it was parodied by xkcd.
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Best answer: Yeah, "A Softer World" sounds like the one. As for another comic or spouse with one, could you be conflating it with the "Toothpaste for Dinner"/"Natalie Dee"/"Married to the Sea" web comics power couple?
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Response by poster: Yep, it's "A Softer world", and I am probably confusing it with the toothpaste for dinner couple. Ta muchly.
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I hope you didn't think I was implying it was a bad comic or anything. I just wasn't familiar with it. This one is really funny. This one is damn powerful.
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There's also Three Panel Soul, by the pair who used to do Mac Hall—more rotoscope than straight photo backdrop, however, and it sounds like "A Softer World" was the ticket.
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