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How to find pals in DC now that I'm 36 and parenting 3 children, working full time, and still fairly juvenile....

My closest friends are scattered across the globe now. I would love to find new friends w/ children who are basically laid back, who really enjoy their kids, and have varying interests and/ or occupations. and who are looking forward to the next Slayer show. Where are these people?
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Oh, we're around. You know, parenting, working, and sleeping when we can. ;-)

Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself and your interests.
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DC meetup?


We are around. We are, like you, a little busy, but we're here!
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Wow TO, that's creepy.
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Hi there! I, too, am a thirtysomething DC-area parent. A meetup might be fun, though I have to guess that coordinating it would be tough.
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DC meetup on a saturday afternoon at a kid friendly location?

That might be a first for MeFi meetups as opposed to the smoky bar type scene.
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Yep. DC-area (MD suburbs), 37, parenting 4 kids, working full time, etc. Is this a meetup or a playgroup?
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What ya'll said.
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Parents of your kids' freinds? People you meet at church or other community organizations?
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I'd call it a picnic. And yeah, there are a number of us in an easy drive distance.
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Oh, and I forgot to point out that if you put your coordinates into your profile, you'll see those of us who are close to you. There are 213 within 35 miles of me, for example.
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Response by poster: I don't mind answering TO.

a small window into my recent experience:

I was emailing the much younger, DC hipster, boyfriend of a tenant in my partner's building- to ask him about a drumming website for practice fills (which is a pretty nice site and I'll share if you are interested) and in thanking him for the info I emailed him a GEM of a youtube post. King Diamond concert, Holland, 1986. and he didn't get it. all he said was "nice camera work." And then I thought I could use some friends. And then I realized that all of my friends who were into King Diamond in the 80s. are dead. I think i will create a meetup. it will be called King Diamond meetup, Washington DC.
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Response by poster: picnicing could be a great king diamond meetup activity
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DC Meetup? I am there. Single, no kids, 27, but there nonetheless.

to TO:

Don't worry, there are many parents in this same bind. Get a babysitter and go out. I personally recommend the Palace of Wonders and The Red and The Black on H Street NE. It's really nice and TR&TB has excellent live rock shows upstairs and bottle beers.
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37, 2 kids, love the DC meetup idea. I'm in the NoVA suburbs.
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Since the mods have struck scody's comments, I thought I'd repost the link to the meetup thread on the grey.
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