Curry and Chips! Curry and Chips! I need to find Curry and Chips!
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Where can I find curry and chips (fries) in the (SF) East Bay?

I've been home sick and dreaming about greasy food. I know I won't go for the Buffalo wings because they're not vegan, but I can't stop thinking about a Veg Dupiaza and chips I had when I was in England this past winter. I know curry and chips aren't exactly common in America, but I figured the Bay Area would be a good place to try.

So are there any places I can get curry and chips in the Bay Area? I live in Berkeley, so the East Bay would be best, but I'll drive as far as San Jose if need be.
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The Chieftain at 5th and Howard in SF has them, but I believe that it is just curry and chips, no veggies. They do have a vegetable curry pot pie so I'm sure something could be arranged.
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Will you settle for Indian Pizza? This is my favorite place, but Indian Pizza was born at a joint on Valencia. IT'S AMAZING.
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I've been wondering about this since the last AskMe thread about curry and chips. Never had them, but I'm keen to. I'll be watching this thread.
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Response by poster: The Chieftan might be a good choice. I guess I should clarify it though. I'm looking for a place where I can get a veg. curry and chips/fries instead of rice or naan, not just curry sauce. Seriously, it's amazing.
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I'm not in the Bay Area and have never had curry and chips, but ... could you just get a veg curry somewhere and some chips somewhere and combine them yourself?
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Seconding that...what's put on Japanese curry rice more or less = what's put on UK curry chips (but I'm a USAin-- Brits might snark).
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I've lived in England for a few years now, and I think I would go through cheap takeaway curry-withdrawal if I moved back to the states. Dopiaza is my favorite, though I'll sometimes go for a Korma.
It looks like the Indian Pizza place that Ambrosia Voyeur linked to does curry and American-style diner food (burgers and fries, etc.) along with the pizza, which is exactly like the curry takeaways here. I bet they'd be happy to put your curry on some french fries/chips.
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I know for a fact that The Irish Bank and Kennedy's in San Francisco has them. The curry at Irish Bank is the type you would expect in a pub - bit too sweet and salty and not at all authentic Indian curry - but works great with chips and vinegar. Kennedy's has a whole menu of Indian food along with traditional pub grub.

In the East Bay, you could go to Beckett's in Berkeley on a Monday and make a special request to combine their Monday Chicken curry special with chips. Or just order the curry special and fish and chips and mix'n'match.
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