ie7 bookmarking hell
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is there really no way to have ie7 save cached local copies of pages that you bookmark in the favorites folder? (without saving the page separately as an mht file in a different folder outside the favorites folder, that is).

In ie6, when bookmarked a website to your favorites folder, you had the option of saving a local cached copy of the webpage. That way if the site went away, you'd still have your local copy.
IE7 seems to have eliminated that option to save a local cached copy.
And whats more, despite a fair amount of googling, I have not been able to find a third party add-in or plug-in or third party 'bookmark manager' type software that actually allows local cached copies.
Isnt that incredible? Is it just me, or is this one of the most basic things that people who save lots of bookmarks would like to do?
I know a handful of online bookmark services (like furl) offer cached copies, but they are deficient in other things (like folders - furl does not allow unlimited nested folders). Spurl claims to offer both but cached copies there dont work and its going out of business it looks like.

So - any ideas out there for a bookmark manager (online or offline) that offers local cached copies as well as unlimited nested folders? Thanks!
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Does it have to work with IE 7? If not, how about Firefox and Scrapbook?
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Response by poster: yes, i prefer IE7... I know there are more options for firefox but I dont want to switch yet.
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Have you tried this?
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