How can I maximize the comfort of my pirate boots?
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I have problems with my feet. Help me wear my new pirate boots comfortably.

I have extremely flat feet, am fairly sedentary and rarely have a need for new and interesting shoes. For nearly twenty years now, I've relied on Reebok Classics as my exclusive everyday footwear. I take out the padded insole, put in my hard half-length prescription orthotics, and away I go. But I have a new job now, and will be working part-time as a professional pirate. I will be spending a lot of my time on my feet, both at sea and on land. I have purchased these boots based on multiple recommendations from other pirates, and unfortunately I don't think they can easily accommodate my orthotics. What should I do to make these boots as comfortable as possible while I loot and pillage? Are there inserts you recommend? Extra-thick socks? What are your tips for swashbuckling in comfort?
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Go to your foot doctor and tell him you have flat feet. I have them too and they gave me specially made inserts that help. Tell them you have pain, it'll be covered by your insurance most likely. But I'm not your insurance company.

If that' s not an option, go to the Dr. Scholl's section they have very good items for arch support there.
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Can you return them and get a slightly larger size?

Cool boots.
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Attackpanda, I think you missed at least two parts of FoB's post. I'm assuming the whole problem with the custom prescription inserts that he already has is that they won't fit down the whole length of those boots.

Is being comfortable while pillaging actually allowed? You kids get off my deck!
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You could try taping your feet to see if that provides enough support for your arch to avoid pain. This page may be a little heavy on the anatomical terminology, but the pictures are helpful. Try taping and then doing some strenuous activity to see if the taping works as well as your orthotic.
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I wear my motorcycle boots pretty much all fall/winter/spring here in Seattle. They are the only waterproof shoes-like-things I own. I do stick some insert from a pair of running shoes in them. It works fine.

Btw, nice boots.
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Peg legs might also solve your boot problem. Probably just for one leg, though.
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There exist orthotics particularly made for boots (to take into account the heel, e.g.). Ask the podiatrist who ordered your original orthotics.

Is the problem that the orthotics don't fit down the length of the boot (they look pretty flexible, so i'd be suprised)... or that they don't sit right on the sole? Either way, your podiatrist can probably give you pointers about how to adjust for it or get new ones.

Either that or the peg leg, like lou suggested. I like that idea.
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