Best way to share Outlook email on two coasts?
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Trying to share my email so that a coworker can help out in New York.

A coworker (in NY) and I (in LA) are responsible for updating status reports. She and I are trying to better balance these by her taking over on some of them.

I use Outlook to flag items which need to be added to status reports and then mark them completed when I've done so. In order to ensure that she doesn't miss anything, I would like to give her access to my email so that she may find the appropriately flagged emails, add them to the report and check them off.

What is the absolute BEST way to do this with Outlook? We are on a shared server, so I can have access to her contacts and calendar, for example, but can't for the life of me seem to get her access to my email.

I have tried adding her as a delegate, and adding her in "Sharing" on my mailbox, but she says she can only see my Inbox, not my subfolders.

I feel like I'm clearly doing something totally wrong. Please tell me where I'm going wrong so that I can do it right. Help! Please explain like you would to a five year old. I'm usually pretty good at this sort of thing, but she is not and will need help...

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Just a few questions for clarification...

Are your subfolders in the Archived Folders section or in your main mailbox? If the messages are archived to your computer, she won't be able to access them.

Are you able to set up a filter to auto-forward these messages to her, and does your Exchange server allow auto-forwards?
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Just to expand what odi said: Your subfolders may be in your Archived Folders, which may also sometimes be called Personal Folder. The data in these is put in a file (perhaps you have heard of your "PST" file). This file may be stored on your local computer or a mapped drive to a server.

If that's the case, your co-worker will also need to be able to reach this file. If they can, they can import it into their Outlook.
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Response by poster: My folders are in my regular mailbox, not archive folders.

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