Name this TSO song
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[NameThisSong Filter] Help a friend of mine identify this (badly recorded) live song, performed by Trans-Siberian Orchestra at a Philadelphia concert in 1996. Here is the download link. [mp3, 5.25 MB]

She wrote: "Here's the deal - every TSO show is structured pretty much the same way - they perform their whole first CD for the first 1/2 of the show, then they do stuff from the rest of their catalog. After one of the songs, they do a cover of someone else. This year they did Clapton (Layla). Anyway, after the cover, they do this song. It's not one of theirs, and they don't identify it in any way. I've seen some people say it's a jam session/improv piece, but since I've seen them play it at least six times (maybe eight - I see them at least twice a year) and it's virtually the same every time, I'm kind of skeptical that's it. Someone suggested it might be ELP; I definitely hear a kind of 70's thing happening, so that seems credible."

I've already run the file past my music geek friends, to no avail (guesses ranged from elements of Santana, Metallica, David Gilmour, and The Cult], so I appreciate any guesses you have. Thanks!
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I don't recognize it, but here is a list of some of their set lists. Maybe it can be identified by process of elimination?
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Best answer: That clip is very badly overmodulated, making ID that much more difficult. The beginning 2:30 sounds like Chicago's 'I'm A Man' - the rest, sheesh - maybe it's a mishmash of generic bombastica.
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I can't remember, and it's driving me nuts, so I will pass it along. The moneyshot is at 0:19.
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What phaedon said. It's driving me nuts like a bad pirate joke. Metallica? Pink Floyd? King Crimson? Crap.
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beginning sounds vaguely Jethro Tull like. I think I hear flute in there somewhere. Other than that, yeah, pretty generic.
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I think it's a medley - a 70's medley. The quiet part at 2:20 reminds me of the guitar intro to Floyd's "Hey You," jazzed up with the TSO's signature arpeggiations. There are other little musical allusions to the Wall scattered throughout.
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What phaedon said.

Heh, forgetting is becoming a more and more common occurence for me lately. It took me too long to figure out the opening track on this top gear clip.
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Best answer: Got it - I think. Chicago - I'ma Man.
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bastard, you stole my mojo!
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Response by poster: Oh man, you guys kick ass. Thanks!
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