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Where can I find music with a positive perspective on robots, cyborgs, and the like?

Robots, cyborgs, and transhumanistic themes in pop culture tend to be negative - robots taking the working man's job, cyborgs without emotion, trans/post humanism as stealing, well, our humanity.

I'm looking for songs that take the opposite perspective - that this sort of change is (or can be) positive. Where are the songs written from the cyborg's perspective? Transhumanistic music? Music about personal augmentation? Where are the songs that get you excited about the future?
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Grandaddy. Flaming Lips.
posted by billysumday at 11:50 AM on May 1, 2007

Robot Rock - Daft Punk

All Is Full Of Love - Bjork (watch the video, you'll understand)
posted by ReiToei at 11:55 AM on May 1, 2007

Automatic Lover - Vibrators

It's a stretch I know, but it's positive :)
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Del tha Funkee Homosapien's concept Deltron 3030 is a pretty fun futuristic hip hop album. It's not really positive or negative about future "bio-enhanced" humans, but it's definitely got a Fifth Element sci-fi kind of feel. Here's a video.
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Gary Numan!
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Wir sind die roboter... doop doop doop di doop da da doop di
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Captured By Robots!... Only one human in the band, the robots actually play their instruments, quite a show!
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There's a newish band named To My Boy that seems to be in that class.
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Was Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto by Styx pro-robot?
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Best answer: Somewhat related... Bad Religion's I Love My Computer?

Link pops to what my no-sound-at-work-computer leads me to believe is audio for the song.

Yahoo's lyrics for the song
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Best answer: If you find the thought of children working together to build a giant cyborg a good thing, then I recommend TMBG's Robot Parade.
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Best answer: Robot Parade, by They Might Be Giants
Somebody Bring Me a Flower, I'm a Robot, by Kev Russell's Junker
Yours Truly, 2095 by ELO (Doesn't look too positive, but is awfully romantic. Or I'm that hot for robots.)
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Servotron was an all-robot band that has the topic of robots taking over pretty well covered with their CD "No Room for Humans", with tracks like "Theme for an Ultimate and Inevitable Victory" and "3 Laws (Abolished)". (More robot rock here...)
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Best answer: The Future Soon by Jonathan Coulton is definitely pro-robot, though the rest of civilization might not feel as positive about the technology as the character singing it.
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Depending on how you read the lyrics, Nine Inch Nails' "The Becoming" is either pro- or anti- cyborg.
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Most of Trans Am's Futureworld is a positive/optimistic view of technology/robots. It also completely rocks.
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Doubling Granddaddy. Their album The Sophtware Slump is basically all about robots. Robots like Jed:

Last night something pretty bad happened.
We lost a friend,
All shocked and broken,
Shut down, exploded.

JED-E3 is what we first called him.
Then it was "Jed,"
But Jed's system's dead.
Therefore, so's Jed.

We assembled him in the Kitchen,
Made out of this and
Made out of that and
Whatever was at hand.

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T.A.T.u's Robot!

And I won_t tell anyone, that I love robot,
I love robot, I love robot.
Robot, robot, robot,
I love you, we wanted it so much
Robot, robot, robot,
I will turn you on, and lets fly.
Robot, robot,
There are electronical storms in your heart.
Lets fly, lets fly, lets fly, lets fly.
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Yep, Grandaddy likes the robots.
Specific robot-heavy songs: Jed The Humanoid and Jed's Other Poem (Beautiful Ground) from The Sophtware Slump and I'm On Standby from Sumday.
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Sexy Robot by Hakan Lidbo
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Butters - My Robot Friend

Hey there have you heard about my robot friend?
He's metal and small and doesn't judge me at all.
He's a cyberwired bundle of joy.
My robot friend.

I like to dip and daddle with my robot friend.
He's smart as can be and emotion-free
And he's computin' his way to my heart.
My robot friend.
My robot friend.
My robot friend.
My robot ...friend.
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The Incredible Singing Robot
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The Dresden Dolls, Coin-Operated Boy
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Response by poster: Spicynuts: sort of, but it's also got a line about machines as dehumanizing. Which was what sparked this - it was the best I could come up with through a Google search.
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Laura Barrett's "Robot Ponies."
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The Flaming Lips reference in the first comment is probably "One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21", which is pretty much on the nose.
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Jonathan Coulton has been mentioned, so let me add Charlie Kam. Kurzweil tested, cyborg approved.
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There's always School for Robots by Bruce Haack, on Hush Little Robot.
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Printed Circuit, esp. Act Robotic.
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There's always the great theme song for Artbots, the Robot Talent Show (click "Theme Song" link here).

Speaking of which, keep an eye on artbots.org because it sounds like you might love seeing an artbots exhibition (or just reading all the project descriptions if it's not in your area).
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